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Auction is now.com our Site is Unique in every way, in its Business model!

From my 23 Years Experience I know firsthand, what will work regarding Selling vehicles in the 21 Century, it will be user-friendly, as vehicles are bought and sold in a minimum amount of time, with maximum exposure and profits.

We are out to show the buying & selling audience a new way that has not ever been done before!

As well as the public getting involved it will benefit all those that enter.
Auction is Now.com is the newest & safest way to Buy & Sell vehicles, as Dealers compete to Buy the public’s vehicles.

(We are not involved in the Transaction and or the storage of vehicles)

Buyer & Seller get a Bill of Sale and pay your Sale Auction Success Fee via Bank Routing Credit Card.

The Public can also buy there Next Vehicle on Auction is now through our Auto Buying partnering program, With dealers throughout all area’s, they can go through our qualified dealers to purchase there next Vehicle on Auction is Now which will also include the public Purchasing repos from our financial institutions repossessions.

We are about long-term commitment to our customers, we want repeat business, we will have representatives every 25 miles servicing our Clients, with dealerships banks, companies, & fleet lease vehicles motorcycle financial institution repossessions, Lien Sales and so on we will bring the Auction to You!

We are about long-term commitment to our customers; our objectives will be in plain sight and what we’re about is integrity & doing business in a Business like manner!

We want repeat business we will have representatives every 25 miles radius signing up new businesses, dealerships, banks, companies, fleet lease vehicles, motorcycles, boats, trailers, also Manufacturers financial institution repossessions & More Customer Satisfaction is #1.

We will have Person-to-person sales representatives for Auction is Now to bring buyers & Sellers together.

Online dealer auto auction is about building a future driven by people creating new oppurtunities! A company driven by people for the sustainability of one another and for the sake of people! Making money, having the time to live and dream again and helping those left out in the cold from the economy, people is our business in this life!

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